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custom air force ones to buy
I love my new FRYE bag with the matching crossbody wallet. Sometimes if I'm going to run into a store real quick I don't want to take my whole bag and I really like being able to pull out my wallet that has a shoulder strap that I can carry with me. The red clay color is very beautiful and luxurious looking. It really goes with anything!
I really like the material of the product and i like how it maintains my hair in control. The only problem is that it slids off constantly.
I have recently had detached retina surgery and I am in week nine of recovery. I needed some "filters" to clip onto my regular glasses to help with glare from sun, computer work, and night lights. This 3 PACK of polarized lenses are amazing, especially for the price. The yellow lens makes working on the computer SO MUCH easier. This is a purchase I am SO HAPPY with.
Returned because NOT 100% cotton as described.
These fit as expected, are perfect for the gym or around the house, color and sizing was perfect, have held up for months in the wash of near daily wear. Overall, I really liked them and I came back and bought in another color. Could have found them cheaper, but I am unable to get out to the stores in person.
So disappointed how CHINA MADE socks now come so small they cut off the circulation. My husbands legs are avarage size and measure 12 around.
The sock measures 6, and stretches, at the most, to a tight 9. All are different material and amount of stretch.
Update (7/1/2016): more socks, more holes.

In the last few months, I had to buy 2 extra packages because these socks are - no exaggeration here - getting holes after 2 to 4 washes. I have socks which are a few years old and are holding up to multiple wears & washes. I bought a [3rd] package of XTemps, which have also started falling apart. They all have holes in the same spot, but my feet aren't rough in that area. The Hanes socks are not worthy of my feet any more.
Like that these have zippers on pockets. Also like the quality.
Very unique and cool looking shades, the downfall is that they are poorly made, after one full day of use the arm completely broke off, maybe I just got the bad luck on them but very disappointed
Love it! I can hold my wallet without phone.
I got this as a birthday gift after I had already bought one for myself. which is great because now I can use this for my work wallet since this one has less pockets. My other one is a few months old and still looks brand new. the only thing that I didnt like was the money clip it was way too stiff but probably for the best so you dont lose your money. I normally buy high end wallet and this wallet was way cheaper and better. If you want a cheap but fancy looking wallet this is it.
The material is thin and clingy. My son and husband both tried this shirt (in different sizes) and both had problems with the outline of their nipples being very easily visible through the material.
Great wallet! Really well made.
So many pockets & perfect for rewards card and everything being able to fit & locate easily when checking out places! Great value for your money!
Not only was this backpack perfect for my trip, it is cute and functional too! It is comfortable and the seller added some nice touches (scent pack, passport holder, and fuzzy decorative keychain) to the backpack as well. I plan to use this for everyday use and for any future trips. Would recommend this to anyone!
Thick fabric, good quality
Perfect for the shopaholic in the house!
A good price, fit as expected and comfortable.
Well known quality from a well know manufacturer. My size in this product is difficult if not impossible to find at the local mall.
I love this purse. Exactly what I was looking for. Only thing I have to complain about is the little tassels on the zippers have already fallen off after using the purse for a couple days. Other than that I am pleased with the product.
I really like the fit and feel of these Adidas socks. They can be work casually, athletically and perhaps even to work. While only time will tell, I sense that they will hold up well, as they appear to be well made. They are comfortable to wear and soft. These socks are slightly on the thick side, but not overly so.

I like them. 5 stars.
Way to cumbersome to grab cards. If u try to fan the wallet all of the cards go flying out. Price is very high too.
Product arrived on time and was as described.
Beautiful earrings!
First order had one sock that was not made properly. All others were fine.
It is very helpful for protection against the sun. It could have been a little more sturdy, but for the price it is worth it.
The fabric used for these t shirts is too thin. Low quality material doesn't hold its shape so the arms are floppy instead of a firm round fit. They're okay as an undershirt.
Great buy, good quality.
Quality of the belt.