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Great value. Fits just like I needed.
It's nice to have some plain t-shirts hanging around for projects and such and this was well priced. Shirts are a bit see-through but I personally don't care
Nice and basic. Ran a little small
Ticks off all the boxes for me. My 11 inch MacBook Air juuuust fits. Its pretty roomy and carries quite a lot for such a small bag. The overall appearance is great and does not look cheap at all. Overall very happy with this purchase. Ill consider buying in other colors in the future.
love my flex hats always. when i first wear them, its a little too tight and cuts circulation in my head but i wear it like that for a day or two and the hat molds to my large head and its a perfect fit....i just wish i knew how to clean them without ruining the had how i am always sweating at my job and it get dirty quickly......but other than that i love it....
I am quite pleased with my order.
Pretty and fair price. Not big enough for every day (for me) but great casual bag.
These are great!!!! I love them, there authentic and they assure you if u dont like them send dem back they stand by the merchandise! Its real nothing else you can ask for! Best decision i made all week ;)
Wear it all the time. Sends a positive message!
Buena calidad
To small for me
My God-daughter wanted these for her and her boyfriend. Good quality and she loved them.
They fit very well and seem to be constructed well and have been wearing them as undershirts for over 3 months and have yet to have a problem with stretching or fraying.
Very comfortable shorts for active wear.
Yes it's a t shirt
I bought this cap because of the quality of the work jacket I had purchased earlier. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't more wind resistant, should have gone with a micro-fleece. Overall it provides good coverage and is plenty of cap for those with more than an average sized cranium.
Fantastic quality all around.
Lightweight, 100 % cotton. Great for a quick throw on for around the house.
As pictured
Great slim wallet. Enough space for the essentials. I'd give more stars if I could.
Great service and product!
Do your homework. Luxotica does made many of it's brands in China and also many of the Ray bans.

Because I have seen too many issues with the various sunglasses lines and buyers concerns on many seller feedback. I have asked a sales rep. for confirmation on the different places Ray Bans are made. So this statement comes from Luxottica. They do have facilities in China that are making glasses, so you will find out that a few Ray-Ban styles are being made there now too. Starting just recently Luxottica has changed the white labels on the sides of Ray-Bans boxes that are made in China to include: "Made in China by Luxottica Tristar..." This means they are still 100% authentic and made by Luxottica..The quality is still outstanding since Luxottica oversees the manufacturing.

Copies made in China are not going to say CHINA on it. They are going to say Italy..
What else can you say about socks. They stay on your feet and dont show when you are wearing shoes. Check and Check
Very nice wallet. Lots of room
I really like it alot.
Broke as soon as my kid put it on
It's bigger than I expected, I need small only for work. Appreciate if you give free sample. Thank you.
Great skin product for price! I dont have a bath tub so I just soak in the shower for a few minutes shampoo, condition, brush teeth, then I start scrubbing and it really takes off all that nasty stuff off your skin. I have sensitive skin and havent had any side effects. I used it once a week and on week 3 of using. Will probably be buying for the rest of my life!
Its good quality just a bit big my fault not theres.