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I thought it was a little larger but I am very pleased with my Leopardd wallet the color blue is beautiful,has plenty of credit card room and REAL leather! hope to enjoy it for many years!
Very conformable and stylish. Buy one size too big though.
Not what i expected. Stitching was done poorly . will not order again
To much big
Love it
I like these, fits good
Awesome shorts !
Love the style and color and heft of the purse.
I live this handbag it holds everything and I can zip it closed.
Love it
Not what I expected. Good durability and quality.
Fits good
for the $ theyre good
I like the blue camo color and the bill does a good job of keeping the sun out of my face. I was able to use the adjustable strap to get the cap to fit snug enough that a moderate wind wouldn't blow it away. I've had it a couple of weeks now and I like it a lot.
Trash. Terrible. Highly recommend you dont your time of money.
Great quality! Superbly made!! 5 stars!! Will buy from again
Just opened and being leather I was extremely careful in opening. It looks like it has already been used! Scratches and even indentations! Not happy with this at all! I was hoping to give this to my husband THIS weekend for his birthday.
Not long enough to be crossbody, which is the whole point of buying a bag like this.
Great price
Good looking socks that feel well made. They are thinner than I expected, but I have no complaints overall. I like that the heel comes up higher, which is comfortable when wearing certain kinds of shoes.
Nice look, sharp.
Perfect for working out. These socks are thin, which makes them great for the gym. Thinner design prevents sweaty feet.
Fast shipping but it came with incorrect tassel shipped with 2019 and not 2020.
Shrank a lot ... fits a small woman now
excellent pair of jeans, quality is good, fit was perfect. I love the old style unwashed, button fly jeans. Can't go wrong with these. Last pairs i got, lasted me over 8yrs.
its my favorite
The size description is a complete lie. These say they are no show socks for shoe sizes up to 11.5. I wear a 12 and these are way too big and have about 1.5+ inch exposure above my shoe, which is a lot, and when a company falsely advertises socks as a certain size and as no show, its pretty disappointing when I receive my socks only to find they are actually for shoe sizes 13-15 and I was waiting for new socks and cant wear these. Really disappointed. I posted pics showing the package says for sizes UP TO 11.5 and then a pic of the sock sticking really far above my shoe, and another pic showing my shoe as a size 12 so you can see how much bigger these are than they say. I really dont understand why they would lie about something like this. Like are they just asking for chargebacks?
Gave some to my father-in-law...he's happy to have some new and white handkerchiefs!
did not like themérieur-Extensible