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Happy with the moisture wicking vs the Hanes socks I usually get
After I introduced my husband to these gray socks he finally let me throw away all his old stained white ones. He loves these. Won't know for awhile how they'll hold up but quality seems good. Tops have just the right amount of elasticity to stay up without being too tight.
The credit card slots were outstanding sewn very effectively, and a separate coin holder pocket was included.
A very high quality Leather wallet and includes a zipper around the outside of wallet. I will many years of good service
and feel confident that credit cards and cash are secure.
This is a gorgeous set. I wear it regularly. It would make a wonderful gift.
Bought several sizes for family Xmas matching hoodies and all sizes fit as expected! Very nice hoodies.
These are comfortable with a great price. Lots of colors to chose from. Light weight, casual, and functional.
This bag was exactly what I was looking for. I needed a small, light bag I could carry cross-body for my trips into the city, and to dog shows and baseball games, where I wish to be hands free. I have several that come close to functioning as I need, but they all have drawbacks. This bag is made of soft, quality leather, is beautifully lined and padded, and holds a surprising amount, including my phone and a compact digital camera, without losing its slim profile. The wallet organizer section is well placed for functionality, and securely zips. The four remaining pockets are roomy and deep. Surprising quality for the price. This is exactly as advertised. Very, very pleased with my purchase. Read the comments regarding the odor, but while mine has a strong leather odor, it is not unpleasant, and it doesn't smell like mildew, nor at all musty. An excellent bag!
Purse is great , it is stable
Item exactly as described. Fabric is soft and breathable. Good value and appears to be well made.
My husband loved them.
Love it nice and small for me just what i wanted
Well made with everything I need in a wallet! Good price too! Customer service is excellent!!
A little short for 36"
Ill be back
Very well made, fit perfectly
The end was very pointy so it was uncomfortable to put in and wear. My ear turned red after a few minutes.
(Summary at end). Used in two day camping trip to Badlands, SD during one of hottest weekends of the summer (2015). Nose got a little sunburn, but I suspect that was from facing sun when lower in sky. I did not use any sunblock, so all sun protection of my face and neck are attributed to this hat. We did get a pretty windy day, so the neck strap definitely came in handy. When I found the strap to tighten it to the head, only the strongest of gusts were able to dislodge this hat. Temperature was in the 90's without heat index (it was also surprisingly humid for the Badlands), but the sweat band kept all sweat out of my eyes. So much so, that I didn't even realize that it should have been a problem until I was writing this review.

On a non-functional note, I also really like the colors and the design on the front band. Hard for any hat with this much utility to be called stylish, but its unique, interesting, and the colors are visually appealing. I'd absolutely recommend this hat to anyone.

* Effectively protected face from sunburn without aid of sunblock
* Sweat in eyes was never a problem, despite sweating enough to drink ~7 liters of water a day
* Chin strap and head strap kept hat on head against winds strong enough to tear our sun shelter from its stakes, leaving stakes in ground

* I encountered none
My husband has recently switched jobs and is on his feet a lot now. These socks have alleviated that nasty foot odor by keeping his feet dry yet are think enough to keep his work boots from rubbing against the skin.
Was hoping I would get the one pictured with Mickey Mouse leaves (Shower Vine) and I did!!! Very happy and of course 2 day Prime delivery. I love these id cases cause even tho they can fit in my pocket- big enough for credit cards, license, $, etc.
Great hoodie. I bought a second one after a few days of wearing and rotate for comfortable, casual warmth.
Works just fine
Great deal, my daughter loved the pictures.
Really large frame, constantly slides off face
Too big
I love these! The pockets are a great addition. The camo pattern is good for hiding your "goods" ...somewhat. Onlookers can still see something in there but the outline is vague due to the pattern. They seem to runu 1 size small though. I usually wear a L but an XL fits me perfectly.
Very good .... nice polo
This sure is the perttiest wallet I eva did have. Lol. This is a very beautiful wallet and well crafted. Last wallet I had broke apart in less than two months. I've been eyeballing this one for a while so my fiancee bought for me as wedding gift sort of deal. It is absolutely awesome. Thanks
Love Carhardt.