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Strap is sturdy. Colors are great and haven't faded. Not a huge purse.
Baggy and boxy Im usually a Mariam but bought a xs. It was small around the chest but not around the waist. It was also too long and baggy
They fit great and arrived quickly. Great price too
this was a nice product,just to small for me
Great fit!
Can never find my Hanes black t-shirts downtown anymore because they are always over picked so I came to Amazon and looked around and happy at what I found.
Literally broke within the first day, put all my cards in then I lost one and it got stuck inside the wallet and when I finally got it the whole inside of the pockets pulled out! Then the damn zipper stopped working properly. Literally have had for less then a month!
They ran small compared to sizes in other brands I've bought.
My work shorts. Tech pocket holds my cellphone.
They look and work as advertised.
Love this purse has so many pockets and slots easy to carry around and organize all my important stuff!!!
My man looks great in these
Perfect size, lots of pockets and love the divider pocket inside. Helps keep things organized. Good quality.
So cute! Can be worn as a dress or a tunic top. Appear to be well made, washed well without wrinkles after drying.
Great item! I like it so much!
Im gonna keep it real with you G these pants are trash, but not like trash trash to where I wouldnt recommend them just trash enough to where I wouldnt consider them champion. They feel unremarkably thin that i think my boxers alone have more fabric #inmycalvins. These arent your going out with friends type of joggers or your trying to impress the ladies with my name brand pants there more of the someone rang the door bell and im naked so let me put something on right quick.
Love the covered waistband and that they are all cotton!! We live in the desert so forget hot POLYESTER in our undergarments - cotton only is the way to go. These fit true to size even after washings. Highly recommend.
Thanks, great wallet, love it!
Muy Bien
Great shirt for the price. A bit thin. If you are looking for a more solid white, this isn't it.
Great quality. Very warm
larger than i expected
I ordered the size small and the size chart was accurate. Im 53 and my legs are very short. I almost always need petite scrubs or I have to hem regular lengths. I didnt want the elastic waist band but it turned out best to have the elastic waist because it allows me to roll the waist to the right length which is great. They seem durable, and the fabric is a little rough but Im hoping after a couple washes that will help.
Love the size. My Kindle fire fits. I would like a big divider in the center. The leather smells like top grade cow hide. I am very rough on purses, so I'll see how it wears.
This makes carrying my cards and money much easier. The fact that it fits in the front pocket makes it much more secure. It makes me much more comfortable carrying around my cards and money while travelling
Great bag... needed something lighter and this fits the bill.
It's not an uninteresting idea, but in practice it works quite poorly. Getting cards or cash out is a struggle. You're better off with something more conventional. And if you carry the wallet in your pants pocket, the sharp edges will eat through the fabric.
They fit nice
Fit right what else can you ask for Hope they last
Loved the shirts