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These guys gave me long sleeve shirts instead of short sleeves smh
These earrings ! I LOVED UNTIL THE TRUE COLORS SHOWN THROUGH, false advertising, these are copper , and now I cant wear . Turns my ears black
Lightweight fabric, my husband works in the heat and prefers these pants over jeans
Great glasses! Perfect fit and great protection from the suns harmful rays. I love them!
I'm very pleased with this undershirt. I'm 5'9, 180, and I was looking for something that would de-accentuate my love handles and firm up my belly. This shirt does the trick. I got the large even though the extra-large matched my measurements more closely, and it was the right call.

The only thing that I don't like is that the underarm area gets uncomfortable after wearing it for a while. That's a relatively minor quibble, though.
Tough built pants, they fit well and are great for tough outdoor jobs.
Good socks for the money.
I was in Michigan and I met this amazing lady who had this same pair on! She sent me the link So I could get a pair of my own. Honestly I could only see the front of hers, I didnt expect the great quality. The outside is polarized giving it that look at me, look lol

But when you put them on they are tinted which gives that added protection. They came in a case with a cleaning cloth. They look like they cost more than what I paid for them.

Also, my boyfriend liked them soo much that hes been wearing them so I now have to order another pair! I lose sunglasses a lot. So I didnt want to pay for something that wasnt going to make it until the end of the summer. But with these bad boys You get more than what you pay for!
So cheap it CRINKLES, audibly, drawing attention to you and your hideous bag. I bought this thinking "it can't be that bad... look at all these positive reviews." No. It is that bad. The seams look like they were sewn by me in my second grade class. The lining feels like a trash bag but somehow worse. The creases from the packaging are permanent so just return it and don't bother trying to let them go away on their own. Save up $50 and get a quality designer bag at TJ Max.
Looks great and fits great.
Really like the glasses and they fit well. Can't beat the price either.
Very beautiful my wife loves it.super happy
It was great to have so many compartments and pockets. Nice and light weight yet holds much. Nice working zippers.
Bought these in August of 2017 and they're already getting holes in them. I like them, but they will not last as long as other socks I've had in the past.
Light weight
Love these! I got them to use as headbands and they work great. Love the colors, love the size.
Nice but thin. Great designs. Girls love them.
My husband loves these because they dont ride up in your pants.
This thing is really nice. I used to use an old money clip that belonged to my father. But, sentimental value aside, the old one is not springy enough, and it's stretched out so it won't hold a small number of bills anymore.
This carbon fiber one is great because there are no sharp metal edges, and it's very lightweight and smooth. And pretty. It will successfully hold onto one bill if you want it to. I happen to have 8 bills in it at the moment and that's no problem at all. It will certainly hold a few more, but I can't say yet what I think the maximum is before it starts to feel like it's getting stressed out too much. I seldom carry more than 8 or 10 bills, so I feel like this is going to meet my needs.
Made of really really cheap material. Very low quality. Looks better in the pic.
Very solid pair of sunglasses and very stylish. Im a lifeguard and they get wet and sweaty almost everyday and they still work fine. The glass is not the most resistant (a couple of tiny scratches) but definitely worth the price. I have been using them for over a month for lifeguarding almost everyday and the polarization is still fine.
like them very much
My dad loved this hat.
Great quality & price
I guess you get what you pay for so I shouldn't be all that upset. These glasses didn't make it through one trip at the river. Also, when I used that spray on sunblock it caused the paint to bubble or possibly it was the heat. Anyway, I'd say spend the extra $50 and get a decent pair of SPY sunglasses. They are a lot better quality.
This jacket exceeded what I expected I thought it would be thin and cheap the material is great and it's thick it's perfect for cold situations and just going out
My husband had been looking for some new shorts to just lounge around in and couldn't find anything in town to suit him. I saw these and ordered them for him and he absolutely loves them. They fit great and are light weight and very comfortable.
I bought this for my grandchildren and they love it.