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It is a good size and fits a lot of things without being overly large. I got the black color and it is a little shinier than I like but not a deal breaker. I kept it and I am enjoying my cross body bag.
Fits as expected, good quality material.
Just fine, would buy again.
For myself it's too large. It's difficult to tell from a picture the size, but the purse is exactly how pictured.
Im going to have to sew where I want it to be those metal clips are useless and keep falling down
Very good style and surprisingly very very light. I did not expect 2 to come in the box as well. 10/10 would buy again
These socks fit well and feel great.
Lite weight and quality lens. Seems a bit pricey for what it is though. But in fashion. Overall just what I wanted.
Beautifully colored. Didn't look cheap and matches well with my sport sneakers. Even though its PVC it's still worth the price
Boyfriend loves them. He is a bit of an adidas underwear fan anyway but he loves the way these feel. They breathe very well and are comfortable. True to size. He is a size 34-36 ish and a medium fit perfectly. He is very active so these were exactly what he needed. Will be purchasing more in the future.
I am very pleased with this bag. It is small, yet it holds more than any crossbody I've ever had in the past. I can easily fit my Galaxy phone, a hair brush, a compact, lipstick, an ID and several credit cards, and it doesn't look "stuffed." The color is a reddish brown or dark burgundy that will go with mostly everything, and the quality is better than expected for the price. Although it is advertised as "genuine leather" be aware that it isn't -- it is a pretty good quality faux leather that doesn't scream plastic. The only thing that could be improved is the strap, which looks and feels cheaper than the bag itself.
Well-made and affordable shorts.
These are very nice. Extremely soft and very stretchy. They come in a bag with four different colors. Well made. Great quality with no problems so far.
I love the look of KD's, they really are the original biker biker shades. and for those wondering if this is what the guys from Sons of Anarchy wear, the answer is Yes, Jax, Chibs, and Bobby. they actually block the wind better if you ride without a windshield. When you have a windshield it causes the wind to kind of whip in from the sides which these don't stop very well, but they work very well when the wind is coming straight at you.
I got these to catch any leaks while wearing my menstrual cup. They're very cute and I like the soft cotton material. But they did not perform well and I came home with stains on my jeans.
These definitely run small. I am just under 115 lbs and the size range said between 115 to 135 lb and were small on me.
There is nothing to dislike about this purchase. They are colorful, beautiful, and well made. I bought them as a present for my granddaughter.
Love. High quality. Super slim. It doesnt hold many cards. No more than shown. The inside is a free for all but its great and I love it.
Good staff, warm.
Love it
Very handy
Adore these colors- never took off the bracelet for 3 weeks...& then it broke. It was promptly replaced and now I remove it to swim or shower- perhaps that wore out the leather? If necessary Ill try a third one and restring it somehow. The beads and design are that pretty!
The Good:
-Good fit
-Look great
-Launder easily

The Bad:

The Bottom Line:
I wear these Gold Toe socks with my jeans and boots or casual shoes. Theyre comfortable so I can walk long distances with the full cushioning. They fit great and launder easily. Overall I would recommend these Gold Toe socks.

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Love the floral print. Very Spring! Ive recieved many compliments about it so far.
Driving in car.
I wanted some lite weight running shorts for something cool to wear when I work out. They're comfortable and exactly what I was looking for. I plan on ordering more!
So adorable and good quality.
We have used this and a men's wallet from this company. They both WORK. I have a garage parking card which uses RFID and used to keep it in my wallet. I used to just wave my wallet against the sensor. THAT does not work with these wallets. These block the RFID signal from getting in. It must work for credit cards too.
Its a beanie. Fits well, goes good with other casual looks.
Nothing exceptional, cause its a ****ing beanie.
The cancer on the bracelet fell off fairly quickly--within a week or so.
This product has changed my husband's life. He has more confidence than I've ever seen him have. Upon trying on this shirt, he immediately asked me to order two more. He went clothes shopping and told me how good it felt to be able to try on clothes that he always felt he had to pass up. It's made my husband a new man and he doesn't feel like he has to miss out on things as simple as swimming anymore. He was happier with the results than he expected to be.