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Really super cheap looking (wa-ay not worth the $17.xx).
Didnt really fits me
This hat is lightweight with a nice wide brim. I have a fairly large head, and it fits beautifully. The adjustable loop for sizing on the outside of the headband still has a bit of adjustment remaining. I use the chin strap during windy conditions, or I can wear it on top the hat to keep it out of the way when not needed.
A great product. Slips on and off easily and is very comfortable. My motorcycle helmet goes on over it with no problem. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this product.
My previous Baggallini didn't have the security features my new one does, but just wish the new one was a little larger. My old one was at least 2" larger on all sides, makes a big difference just those few inch.
These glasses are terrific for reducing glare and improving your vision while driving.
Best value for money. IMO good threads and amazon essentials are game changers
Really cute bag, a little deeper than I thought, but I like it.
Never got a blister preparing and racing marathons with the Balega Hidden Comfort Socks! Love the low cut but with the added lip for the heel. Very comfortable socks.
Necklace arrived broken - very cheap
Disappointed. My 1st pair worked much better.
These socks are thick, my cold floors are no match for these socks, my feet stay warm and comfy.
The product is great and therefore the five star rating. The constant e-mails "begging" me to rate the product almost caused me to lower my rating. I almost always rate the products I purchase from Amazon. Sellers and manufacturer's that beg for ratings/reviews are a big turn off. I will be buying another SERMAN product and certainly not from this seller.
Fits big. Real big. About a size bigger than what I usually wear. Unfortunately I bought them early and by the time I tried them on I had just missed the return date. Make sure you try them on as soon as you get them so you dont end up with scrubs that are too big!
My husband loved the socks -- and he is very picky! :)
Wrong size description
EYUSHIJIA is now my new favorite brand of underwear. The fit is great and the material is always so comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. I will definitely be buying more of these!
Great belt, good width and quality.
Good price
The quality is not very goodyou can see treads everywhere.
I bought this for my dad because hes been really wanting sweats. He absolutely loves these sweats. They are very soft and comfortable. He loves how they slim towards the bottom and can still move around freely. They did not get ruined after washing and still remained soft.
Good socks, what more do you need to know?
Exactly what was described
These were for my daughter. She is tall and thin, so they fit, but they werent what I was expecting material wise for stretch pants.
These are the only socks my son wears when he runs. He loves them! As a sprinter and distance runner, these socks do not give him blisters. Very comfortable and they wash up well. I just moved him into a size large sock (he currently wears a size 9 men's shoe) and it is just a little big. The mediums are a little snug but work well in his spikes. He wears the larges for his running shoes. Overall, we really like these socks. He has tried other brands and types but always comes back to these.
Cheaply made. Simply doesn't fit or look right.
Great small soft wallet, with zippers...! I carry two, on as my normal wallet for driver license, credit cards, and all the other cards. The second one is part of my everyday carry (edc) for small useful items...! Hard to beat its utility