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Very thick and cozy.
Quality shorts. Fits well and should wear very nice.
Super cute, great quality, and my new favorite purse! So convienant!
I love this necklace. It is so beautiful. I did change out the chain for something longer but I would definitely buy this again. The words are clear and deeply engraved.
good quality
Love it !!
Good price, fast shipping. SPF shirts are great for the outdoors. Unfortunately, one of the two shirts had a rip in the seam. I am sure the quality control is low on this item.
I havent even worn it and a Diamond has fallen out. Its small enough, so you wont be able to see but...will want to but the one with just 3 rows as soon as it comes back in stock in my size. It is prettt though.
Nice purse. Perfect size.
Great buy
not great quality
Has a dime size hole where everything comes together on the bottom. Can't recommend purchasing these. Even air dried them as some suggested.
Big in the arms.
So pretty & elegant! Exactly what I was looking for!
Perfect work tees.
I purchased 3 pairs. Pants were a bit too large, but were still quite comfortable. Unfortunately the inside leg seams came undone after just 2 washings on 2 of the pairs...both times while at work. I literally had to staple the seams together to get thru the day without my pants coming undone.
My 4yo loves it. It lights up, opens up to reveal a watch and it has a timer!
Nice pair of "Trendy" glasses. For the price you cannot beat the quality and the lenses are actually very nice.
My 4 yr old started a job he earns quarters for taking the recycling out and bringing in the mail. This wallet was a treat from us and hes so thrilled with it!
From the time I got the box, I've loved this product. I rarely write reviews, but felt compelled to do so for this product. The unboxing was such a luxurious experience, with different papers, and layers to each piece. I wasn't sure I'd like the wallet itself, thinking the pull tab might be a bit gimmicky, but so far I love it. I'm able to easily access my cards on all sides. My one critique would be that it doesn't hold too many cards without getting bulky, though I'm holding 9 and it's not bad.
These were so poor quality that 1/2 of them were broken when we received them. Never ever again.!
Way too tight on my head and didnt block the sun like I figured it would, looked cool tho
This product is lightweight and is perfect for getting out of a hot shower. The fit was great and not balky .
Love it!
Looks like your high end designer bag without the designer price. Space for everything.
The small, outer zipper closes in opposite direction to the main top zipper. Would have preferred both closing in the same direction
Purchased for my father. Seemed very well made and nice and heavy. Would purchase again.
This thing is massive. When I got it I was worried it would be too big. After playing with it for a while though, I'm glad it's huge. The size gives it enough versatility to really wear it as a scarf or bandana, whereas most buffs I've seen can only be a headband or a scarf. This thing has at least 4 head/hat applications and tons of others. And the merino wool feel is unbeatable.
These socks are funny and also soft and fit very well. Nice, silly gift.
I wear 38C in bra and I bought this in small and it was just perfect, not big , not small, just perfect