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Excellent. Exactly what i was looking for. Could do without the extra ring, but great quality and very use full Thank you. Was looking at the Siam, but dont make for 1 1/2 inch belt. Happy i discovered yours.
I like the wrap around for full eye coverage
My husband loves these socks. He said they are the most comfortable socks hes had. He liked them so much he had me order a second set.
The hook was loose, one side lost the first time I wore it.
Shorts fit pretty well.
These were softer than expected, which was a good thing.
The star and heart broke off first day of wearing. No rough play or anything user did. Wouldnt advise. You can see were it was connected correctly. Manufacture defect. Loss the parts so I cant even repair.
Love the mask. I had ordered 3 more for a ski trip and decided to keep this one. It is very warm.
Fit was perfect out of the packaging and shrunk after the first wash to make it way too tight in the shoulders and chest.
I honestly didn't think this would be a quality product. I've been deceived before, never by this company.
This is the best accessory ever made!
It holds all my cards, and there's a lot.
You can put your money including change into this.
You can use it like a pocketbook or a clutch. You get a very sturdy strap, so you can have it over your shoulder or a wristlet so you can carry it like a clutch.
Vegan leather too!
Fantastic product! I'm buying another one for my best friend.
There are many things I liked most of this product, one is that it is durable and you can see from the quality of the materials that the product was made, the manageability to wear and also while wearing it, it stays in place, I already bought 3 of this product, Keep up the good work of making quality products
Would not even rate as 1. Pure Trash. Backs are not removable just an crown looking piece of plastic. Not even usable. Returned!!! Dont fall for the lies in description!!!!!.
These are kind of dainty but pretty. My daughter liked them very much.
Thanks, helped me made my first robbery.
Great hats, great fit!
Great for tall guy, and works like a charm for hunting!
Love it!! Exactly what I was looking for!!
Shirt fits great, did expect a little heavier material or lining, out side of that the shirt is great
Great quality lots of room in it
Amazingly good value for money, very soft even after washing!
This appears to be made out of quality material withstood my scratching it with a fingernail to see if I could mark it up. I feel like this would be the perfect wallet for trips to Vegas or Reno where you have to keep track of all your players club cards at the various casinos. My only wish is that this had some kind of wrist strap since it is large enough to tuck my galaxy s9 into, and could potentially be the only thing I carry with me into the casino.
It has been very comfortable and sleek. It is very functional and stylish at the same time.
These are the most comfortable, fashionable undies I've ever slipped into! The ventelation is great! The fit is better than expected! I will definetly be buying many more and leading many friends to buy them as well!
Cool and comfortable.
Good quality and fit.
ihave a small head and they fit perfect and look great
This hat fits as expected. The bill feels like a standard ball cap. The headband feels like a cotton sweat band. The body of the hat is the "moisture wicking" fabric. But all the space-aged synthetic fabrics in the world can't dry this hat out in humid conditions. During my runs, I'm constantly taking it off to wring out sweat. If you really need a visor, this works well, but in hindsight I wish I had gotten just a visor because it holds too much sweat.
The bf loved these, he's 6' tall with a 32" waist. Bought the medium, fit great. They are lined and the fabric is heavier which he liked much more than the Speedo versions. Great price!
I bought these for my husband. He really likes them. He said that when he has worn them when he fishes,he can see fish in the water and when he has taken them off he cant see them. They are light weight and work great!! He hasnt used the night driving ones yet but will, once winter is here and the days are shorter. He expects them to work just as well.
Getting two pairs for one price was the reason I bought them. I would recommend to anyone who wants a good pair of sunglasses to wear over their regular glasses to buy these.