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Nice socks on time delivery
I love this backpack. I took it with me on vacation and it really came in handy. I love how your personal items are protected with the zipper being on the inside of the bag and not on the outside. I received lots of compliments on this bag.
Smaller than I expected. For a sweatshirt that claims big and tall, an XL doesnt even cover my butt and Im 5 ft. 2. As a female, this is tight on my wrists and my neck. What a disappointment. Order at least two sizes up!
What I enjoy most about this belt is its ability to stretch. I have purchased several of these and they also wear out slowly as you are not using the same wholes over and over.
Great buy for the money. Color and sizing is perfect!
I've used this press for over a year now and I'm happy with it overall. I also bought a cheap Lee single stage ($28.00) that I use for case prep. It can be a bit impractical to deprime and resize your brass while reloading, obviously because resizing can alter the brass length. The press has a few plastic parts that you may want to stock up on. The main one is the "square ratchet" (.50 ea) and the other is the auto index clamp ($6.00). My only real gripe has been the priming system. It mounts to the press and has an arm that swings over to to deposit a primer into a cup. On the down stroke the cup pivots into the tube and pushes the primer up into the case. All too often the primer fails to seat into the cup and when the arm swings away the primer falls on the floor. The second issue I have with it is it mounts to one of the vertical supports and the nut that keeps it in place tends to come loose allowing the arm to shift. I'll probably just lock that down with some locktite. One thing I truly like is being able to swap the entire setup by simply removing the case holder and the turret disk. I have several configurations ready to go and the only time consuming part is getting my powder auto disk system configured.

This is a great press for beginners or people who don't need to load that often. If it weren't for those plastic parts and strange priming system I'd have given it a 5 star rating.

(Auto measure powder add-on)
I recommend the autodisk powder system as well but with two caveats. First get a secondary scale to occasionally verify the weight, especially on the 1st load. 2nd you have to settle for charge that is close but not perfect in most cases. For instance if I want 45gr the disks give you an option for 44.3 or 45.7 but the output is pretty consistent. You will spill some powder if you perform the charging stage too quickly. Lee just released a drum based cavity measure system which lets you configure the exact charge like many standalone systems. I've ordered one but haven't tested it yet.
Awesome well made
this shirt is awful. i wore one of them twice and it ripped. if you work out in it the shirt smells like burning plastic. also very hot! keeps body heat in - do not recommend for any athletic activity. or anything else really.
I wanted an all black wallet, this was all black with a red and white tag just try to cut off ruin the leather made me mad I ripped it in half threw it away immediately after arrival. Red is unlucky for wallets.
Loved the look and feel of the soft supple leather. Perfect size. Just the bag I have been searching for. I will recommend Angelkiss bags to friends and families.
Great beach hat. Packed it in my suitcase for a Carribean trip, and it pushed right back into shape. Washed it in the sink when I got home, and it's good as new.
This is perfect for running in the cold!
Love em.......good strong clips! Would buy another !
Love the size , its worth the money
using this product for work.ordered several im the past that were awesome. this pair is different in that the side pocket and hammer loop are on opposite side and hard to get use to.also latch assembly is different and hard to unhook.
I am so happy to have found this product, being a tall guy I like the fit of this brand.
Comfortable and affordable; dont pass this up!
These are great socks. Good value for money and very comfortable indeed. They also wash very well and remain soft. Would strongly recommend these socks. Customer service is excellent.
A very well-done hat. Looks great, well-sewn, Velcro adjustable in back. Fits right. It arrived and immediately became property of a female in my life. Recommended.
Havent really had a chance to try them out for night driving. They do work well for rain and the glare that comes with it
Great color. I probably should have gotten a larger size. Color stays after washes. Runs short.
Good stay flat collar as long as you don't sleep in them. Stays tucked in all day. I also like the tag-less collar.
No es el color que yo ped
Very comfortable, smooth, and great for warm weather activities. Type of item a male stripper would wear. Not the most manly of products. Defiantly will not make you feel manly. Perfect worn as underwear, as sleep wear, male exotic dancing, and or as indoor shorts for summer time.
These socks fit true to size and for the price they are good quality
I always expect Wrangler shorts to fit, but these shorts were too big for me! Which is good. I would buy them again in a size 34.
This sweatshirt fits my son as expected, and the material holds great color and is very soft and comfortable.
A perfect fit . Just as discribed .
fit great thank you