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My daughter loves this visor! Great quality!
I like this bracelet a lot. Its very light (weight) and goes well with business, casual, or formal attire
Had to keep tieing them and for my fiance he's a cook
Love it
I like the way these jeans fit, loose and comfortable.
Not as low cut as I'd like. I wore them to work and cycled and the fabric near the heal isnt holding up too well. basically just a cheap low cut cotton sock. very average
My 11 year old son loves this watch. It has just the basics - date, time, alarm and stopwatch - which is all he needs. It works well during and after being fully submerged while swimming.
Great hat!
I, like many, have a tough time switching wallets, my last one had been with me for a number of years, but it was time! Normally, I like to touch and handle a wallet before buying, but I didn't want to go to a mall and come away empty handed, instead I headed to Amazon, with the return policy in my mind!
When I got this wallet, it was stiff, and freshly made, but now it's soft and supple, it only took a few weeks of it being in my pocket every day to soften it up. The quick access card pocket is great, although my card does seem to get some damage around the thumb slot area. Having a license window/pocket on the outside is something that I was looking for, no need to open your wallet to show ID. The pull tab pocket is great, it allows you to tuck away those infrequently used cards (medical, HSA, etc..). I keep 6-8 cards, and cash in my wallet and it works great.
It's comfy and just the right size. I love that the opening is at your back so I don't worry so much about someone reaching in.
Fit my 4-5 year old fine.
The zippers are very easy to operate
Clear, stylish and quality. I have several pairs of Ray Bans and I find myself wearing these more than any other pair of sunglasses I own.
These are not soft at must order the ones with the red tag that says.."OUR MOST COMFORTABLE"
I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great wallet, its better than any I have owned before
Quality is outstanding. Nice size to hold what you need and your phone. Several pockets and card holder. Hangs nicely and pretty
I love the leggings from The Children's Place. They fit her perfectly and she is 8.
Very flexible and bendable. My kids love them. They are large for toddlers but seem to fit well enough on a 4 and 2 yr old. I havent worn them myself so cannot comment on the UV protection and polarizing.
Great look , great price
Is this supposed to be a gag gift? My gosh, this thing is SO narrow! As other reviewers stated, this neck gaiter runs small and I couldn't agree more. I'm a petite woman (noggin included) and I could barely get it over my head! When I did (which was quite a struggle) it was tight, stiff, itchy and constricting. The fabric has no stretch to it whatsoever. (Additionally, it's not what I would describe as soft.) This item just doesn't fit properly; uncomfortable all around. What a misrepresentation. (I'd like to see Amazon pull items like this - or at least request the seller change the description to "Child Size Small".) My advice to others, skip this one and save your money. For me, another $11 down the drain. *sigh*
The Gold Toe Men's Cotton Crew 656s Athletic Sock is my preferred brand due to the comfort and durability of the sock. It fits perfectly and doesn't require any special treatment meaning it can be added to the regular load of laundry, washed and dried, and doesn't shrink. I highly recommend the sock to anyone seeking a comfortable and durable product.
Works well and gives you a better hold then tradition belts. Only thing I dont like is the noise it makes when putting it on or tightening it. Think of the noise a zip tie makes... its kind of the same.
Theyre good shorts
The shirts were for a slim cut man, they were to snug around the waist and a bit long
These fit as expected and wash and dry nicely. No shrinkage.
dont waste your money on this product.
It's a VERY WELL MADE belt. Easy to use.
Product arrived on time and was as described. Very lightweight breathable mask that I can use for running. Definitely recommend this seller and this product!