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The bag is very durable and compact. The design of the bag is interesting I like that the opening is in the back because it makes your feel safer with your belongings.
Good quality and well constructed.
less than two months from the purchase, the fabric began disintegrating, and now it is completely worthless. STAY AWAY from this product.
they turn my ear green.
as expected
Good solid sock. Inly issue is they wear out faster then other socks I have purchased. When new they feel great but after a month or so they start to feel no as supportive for lack of any other way to describe it.
Absolutely love this bag! I bought it for more of a bag to carry my wallet plus a change of clothes for my kids. Pockets are pretty spacious (can fit a sippy cup in side pockets with ease), the grey color goes with everything, big strap doesn't dig into my shoulder. Would definitely recommend this bag to others!
I have duplicate pairs, same brand same size and for some reason the pair I bought does not fit well at all
Like belt easy to use.
These glasses do help with the glare from other cars headlights at night . Makes them more amber colored and not as shockingly bright especially the new LED lights on cars.
Very nice chain for my granddaughter. The length is perfect for a 12 year old.
The picture I clicked showed 2 pairs. Then I be guess switched to 1 pair. You fooled me into buying. not the first time someone played this game on azon.
For the price the necklaces do make a good gift but I would say for girls no older than 10. I bought the sister&Mom set for my 2granddaughters, age 8&10&their mom. The pendants are nice but the chain looks fairly cheap. Each necklace had the card behind it, however the set I received the one for Mom had the same sister phrase enclosed. I know my daughter in law is going to notice it but they are a Christmas gift&unfortunately don't have enough time for them to issue the correct one.
Perfect size for my 2 years old girl
It broke bad quality material.
This is not an adidas SnapBack hat
It is a generic black adjustable hat with the brand name Spring on the tag
Affordable multipack of good quality leggings for a rough and tumble girl who meets the pavement once a week at a minimum. Slowly replacing all the clothes in her wardrobe from Target branded items to Spotted Zebra items.
Excellent quality and service
Comfortable. Well fitted
These feel great all day long.
great product
A perfect, comfortable t-shirt!!!
wish the hoops went down into smaller sizes but great for the price!
Perfect fit! Great choice.
Not as great as iy looks from the picture.
My wife like it alot. Nice large bag.
Better than 6 to 12 size socks, but still too tight.