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nice sunglasses
My handkerchiefs always disappear. I don't know why. Maybe it's their line of work...the lack of appreciation. Anyway, I was down to one, hiding in my back pocket for a long time, when that, too, flew the coop. So I went on Amazon and found this great deal from Dockers...and free two-day delivery (which I'm a sucker for). They are great! They will probably disappear one by one but it's a small price to pay for fresh unstained and unwrinkled handkerchiefs.
Good quality inside and out, fashionable, yet practical for everyday use
Update: they saw this review and replied via Inbox. ops, sorry! Now seriously? Amazing customer satisfaction service there!

Crappy metal frame. After a few months the golden coat started to melt and whatever bad metals the frame is made of, gave me terrible itching and skin inflammation where it rested atop of the ears, nose and under the eyes. It literally started to bleed my skin after mere touch with the weird colored metals from the undercoat layers.
This is a great travel bag. Very stylish and durable
I've loved, and worn, Levi's all of my adult life. But if you are getting older (middle aged) buy a size or three larger. In the blink of an eye, I went from a 32" waist to a 33" and now purchased a 34" and, after washing, a 34 inch is still too tight. No, I don't blame Levi's. I blame it on "middle age." Just ... middle aged buyers beware!
Shorts or ok would not purchase again.
Fit well, washed well and have yet to wear, so hopefully they will be fine.
Fit and quality are great
Beatiful set of bracelets. It looks exactly like in the picture. I wear it everyday. I like that you can use some of them or all depending on the clothes you are wearing. I highly recommend it.
My roommate really liked it !
the brim is huge you will get laughed at. The hat itself is to big for my head..if you fold the sides down it looks like ur wearing a little bopeep bonet.
I have used this for several weeks now. No more problems with sweet running into my eyes while riding bicycle. It also has prevented my mellon from becoming sunburned. I put is on under my bicycle helmet.
Wish instructions for attaching buckle were included in the box...Had to go on-line to learn how
Love this purse! Good quality and great price!
Exactly what I wanted
Got these for my husband! They are very comfortable for him to sleep in so we ordered more.
Been using it for a week, looks and works great. Feels like very good leather and overall quality seems great. Only 4 stars because of the unknown durability of shell and what concerns me the most the pull-out strap, only time will tell.
Fast shipping..very nice glasses
They fit as I expected
I mean it's all the rage and sooo cute!
I had to send back the Vans as the size my daughter usually wears didn't fit at all. BUT... not a big deal. We sent back the ones that didn't fit and got a bigger size and she is very happy now. Other than the little disappointment with the first pair not fitting and waiting for the new ones... It's all good.
They were not fit as expected to the size
Bigger than I expected. It seems water resistant.
The size was too big for me.
Very good product. Used a money clip for awhile because I hate bulky wallets. This is a perfect combo. Definitely recommend.
great item, very good quality and very good price.
I initially purchased the Justin Ray Bans but they were too small for my face. Returned them and ordered the Holbrooks which fit my face perfectly! The prizm/polarized lens are brilliantly made I absolutely love these sunglasses
Great socks for running.