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The CDE Pearl Jewelry necklace and earrings set is stunning. I love the striking unique design. The quality matches the price point. The gift box is very nice and this would make a lovely gift. I recommend this beautiful set!
Nice and soft, long enough and wash perfect;ly.
little heavier than expected
I ABSOLUTELY love this bag!! FINALLY a bag with the right pockets, the right size zippered openings! WOW!!! I should go back and order a couple more in different colors!!!

LOVE it!
Its a gold chain
It is made of nice material, has a funky smell. Ok size. Will fit small Mac Computer. Has lots of pockets. Arrived quickly, well packaged. Lots of straps. Very nice overall!
Great product. Im satisfied with it. Feels way better than a normal wallet.
Packaging and accessories are better than expected, the sunglasses appear high quality. I would definitely buy again, next time I might go with black tint for a darker shade, but other than that I am highly satisfied.
Everything is great
I like everything about this shirt!
Like all of the UA tech shirts, this one fit as expected. Not baggy. Not restrictive. Perfect fit in all areas. 59 167. Medium
I really liked this purse, the quality is excellent and its size is suitable for my iPhone 6. I would recommend it to everyone.
Looks great. It's on the smaller side, fits easily into my pocket. Money clip works great too!
Been using about 6 months now. Holding up great, no complaints. Magnet is very strong.
Good fit
Look great, priced right!!
Sort of large, but Im able to put multiple pairs in some slots. I love how sleek it is.
The Balaclava I received was as promised. I use it for skiing in 10-20 degree weather and it works pretty well.
If these are not counterfeit than Levis are some of worst denims I have seen. Been wearing Levi
Brand 501 shrink to fit button fly for over 50 years. I know what they should be, these aren't them. From poor stitching to very thin denim.
I am. Returning them. Don't waste money or time
These are a classic. Double-sided print and exactly what you would expect.
Broke first time using it.
The earrings were tiny... way to small even for my 10 month old baby girl
Nice quality full grain belt. I wear a 34 waist in pants, ordered a 38 and I'm on the third hole from the end, might have bought a 40 if I had known.
I thought these were really cute. I had bought the gold ones with the clear stones for my daughter for Christmas. She loved them, and they looked great on her (she's 3) and the screw on back was very secure, but sadly one of the posts broke off in her ear less than 48 hours after putting them in. The post broke off from the front minnie mouse part. Too bad, because they were cute.
Advertised as genuine leather; it is called PU leather which is IMITATION leather made from polyurethane. The lining is GREAT, as is the general design. Its a shame such nice design details and lining is wasted on a plastic purse.
Awesome buy.. Other companies want to charge you 65 to 80 dollars for there carbon fiber, titanium and even regular wallets
spacious, leather in good quality. Snap lock button seems easy to fall off over time
This wallet do provide 4 card slots in a column, but it is so tight, almost impossibly, to squeeze 4 cards in the same column.
I am sure this wallet is gonna explode if you load it full with cards.
Standard wallet construction should last for years. Glad the drivers license slot has a hole in it to help with removing the license. This is the perfect size, not too small not too big. I can fit two or three cards in each slot except the drivers license slot.

I took one star off because the money clip magnet is weak compared to my last wallet which had a very strong magnet. It does not hold through more than 9 or 10 bills which may be enough for most people but there have been times when I probably had 20 or more bills clipped in my last wallet.

I ended up with two of these by my own fault but I am fine with that because I will have a spare ready when this one wears out.├ęcorative