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Package arrived on time and was exactly the size I requested. If you are looking for A-shirt this is a real good source.
Is great , good quality
Don't like the sunglasses at all, they are not clear. Wish I could return them or exchange them for something else!
LOVE them along with all my other Sojo sunglasses! They are the only ones I buy sunglasses from now since there's so many cute ones and the shipping is always pretty fast. They feel really well made which surprised me since they are such a low price. Love!!
Fits well, but not soft at all. I'm going back to Jockey.
No new moon pictures of me at "People of Walmart" after I started wearing JIERKU Suspenders.
I bought these to replace a 20 year old pair I'd recently lost. Aside from needing minor adjustments for individual fit, these are better than I expected! I'll be buying more of these, just in case!
Ayana loves her new super soft robe.
Not impressed. Seem decently put together but $50 seems steep to me for it to say huk on them
I bought this wallet in August, 2019. Its now almost Christmas, and Ive been using this wallet constantly.
Pros: Its slim. As slim as you want it to be, but you can pack quite a few cards in this thing. My favorite cards are easily accessible.
Cons: The biggest drawback for me is that the wallet doesnt protect the entire card(s). The result has been that the corners of my cards have started peeling. Not cool. Also, putting the cards back into the larger pocket is not super easy. It requires finagling.
Final: Im looking for a different wallet. I cant keep ruining my cards.
They're good. My husband likes this material a lot. But the waistband fold and rolls down. Need thicker or more reinforcement in the waistband.
A little baggie.
 Check out the video. I love this wallet. Changing from a RIDGE type wallet. This one is much lighter and slimmer. I purchased a carbon fiber money clip that easily slides into the wallet without any modifications being necessary. Ck out the video
nice, strong, beautiful, very good price
I have grabbed like 4 or 5 of these in total, I really like them because they're durable and warm. I machine wash them cold with other stuff and they're solid.
These sunglasses are not polarized, not mirrored, not even close to what is advertised. Going back? You bet!
nice size, nice pockets, soft leather
Very nice fit!
The wrist band is soft, breathable and flexible. Easy to see the time. My son really likes it!
However, six weeks later it stopped working.
Blocks out the glare, fits well and are pretty light.
All likes
I do a lot of walking on a very hard surface bought them as a recommendation. Now I order them frequently.
just great
Husband loves this hat!
Great lightweight shorts. Use them for the gym. Great deal for the price.
2nd time Ive bought this Tshirt pack. Great fit, and very soft.
such a beauty, quality product, looks amazing, amazing color, my favorite one from the day I got it !
It broke easily
I purchased this shirt and another from the Amazon essentials, differing only in the material used to manufacture them. This shirt is 100% cotton while the other was 100% polyester. As expected, the weight of this shirt is heavier than the other but fits as expected and after several washings still holds it shape and feel. I was asked a question previously about whether it's too heavy for wear playing golf in hot humid weather and my answer was it is. For me, in that circumstance, polyester makes more sense, but for simple wear I found this shirt comfortable, durable and fits as expected.
Cons; When wearing there is noting to keep shape like Trunks it rolls up immediately becomes bikini briefs. It rolls up so bad become very uncomfortable under the pants.
Pros: Very soft