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Bought for hubby
My son loves these glasses. All his friends tell him he looks cool in them.
As advertised!
Great product for high impact cardio workouts and for everyday wear if you want. They keep the heels of my running shoes from rubbing my heels.
Gorgeous in every way. Both clasp and safety loop work well. Somewhat delicate, so I wear it on my left wrist. Size is great - rather rare to find 8", which I need. LOVE IT!
Its a lightweight sweater and great for warm temperature weather. Its very light and the material feels great.
Omg my kind off bag...
There is no excuse for sending out a defected product, even if it was an easy fix for me.
These glasses feel cheap and a bit flimsy. The lenses I will say are clear and give a moderate amount of sun and glare protection but I can't get past the fact that the plastic feels so cheap. In fact, my first impression was that the manufacturer spent more money on the case and the other trinkets that come with this pair than on the glasses themselves. I find it difficult to believe that these sunglasses get such rave reviews, and it makes me wonder if there isn't something fishy with the ratings here. Be that as it may, if you want a cheap pair of sunglasses, I guess you could do worse.
Wrong size came. Got 2 3xl shirts instead of 2 xl
Great hot weather solar protection, Perfect orange color for cycling. Seems to feel cool in the slightest breeze.
I was looking for something stylish and these fit the bill- good fit and very comfortable. Would recommend.
I bought this for a friend of mine who has been doubting a career change. I know shell be great at it, and I wanted something to remind her to stay strong and stick to it. I was really impressed with the quality of this necklace and the packaging it came in. She hasnt opened it with, but I hope shell love it :)
Bought 2pair one seams riped open on one and the other pair have fury balls all over them
A great hat I can us for dye sublimation printing. Trying to find a cheap Trucker hat for around $5 or less has been difficult find until I came across this hat!
Finally a pair of boxer briefs, where the elastic doesn't get worn out through the day and ride up or just looks like regular boxers.
They fit like advertised.
My 3 year old daughter had her ears pierced at Claires. All was good. She healed up well, no issues. I made the mistake of buying cheap cute earrings and it got infected (due to a combination of things actually). I put back the original ones and they kept falling (after we realized the metal part would get stuck, we ended up just putting the plastic ends). With the infection healing, the holes about to close, we needed something that was good quality and safe. My mother remembered using screw on earrings 27 years ago when I was little. I searched for little girls earrings screw on and these came up. Oh my gosh theyre amazing! I was worried they might be a little too big but theyre not. The package is adorable, it WILL NOT COME OFF, but it also allows for the ear to breathe. She looks adorable and I dont have to worry about them falling. Cant beat the price either. Im super happy with these!!
Absolutely the worst hat I ever bought and if I didn't throw the Box away so quick I just send them back by now these things are trash I would not give it any stores but it said I had to grab one these things are garbage
Exactly what I wanted! And they are authentic!
The birthday stone is perfect for the month of August. The charm is very cute. Looks great on my pandora bracelet.
Love the print designs of these shirts, but fit is inconsistent. One fit perfectly, the other seemed like a size smaller. Didn't send it back, but probably should have as I really don't like wearing that one.
do not yet know about durability because have only worn fe 4 workouts
bought for our eldery dad, he loves it! can wear it inside if needed will buy him another in a different color!
Save your money. The color started turning after wearing it once, and then the post broke off one of the earrings entirely. Waste of my money, really.
It the dresses, nice quality and perfect fit for the little girl I bought it for! I am pleased! Joann Smith
I bought two packs of these socks almost three years ago and they are still in great shape. The breath very well and have lasted longer than any sock I have owned (not a single hole yet).
The best lounge pant in the planet.
Did Not fit as described....too small!
Great product at great price with fast delivery