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Gets no stars from me. Everything about this spelled C-H-E-A-P. I thought I had a bargain but I got less than what I paid for.
Product is as expected great service
So far so good. This is a minimalist wallet, so keep that in mind. It took a little time to get used to how to use it but it really is quite simple. Small profile in my front pocket, I had to get my wallet out of my back pocket. I spend too much time driving and it was causing back problems. This wallet works great.
It is just much too big/too long for my 4 feet 9 inches frame therefore it does not keep me warm. I guess i will give it to one of my nieces. I have to hold it up to walk upstairs to make sure I don't trip on it. It fits me about the middle of my calves. It may be a bit longer that.
Bought this to fulfill the face covering requirement due to Covid19, let's face the facts, this is no where close to an N95, and will do the bare minimum, namely cover your face so you can get groceries. It's made out of the same fabric as athletic performance gear so it had the same breathability - it's slightly cool to the touch.

Bottom line - it lets me get groceries.
They are great and have not degraded with weekly washings. Warm, snug and show no signs of wear. Very satisfied!
These bags look so much more expensive than their actual cost. I have received many compliments!
I'm very happy with these glasses. I am a small woman and the size small fit over my prescription glasses perfectly.
Quality is fine, material is relatively thin and hugs your legs.

Buy a size up though - I was between sizes and went with the larger, which was still too small.
I like that its roomy and can be carried 3 different ways and most of all thats its water proof.
I don't usually write reviews but I had to with these. I have varicose veins in my ankles and inner calves. At times it can be either painful or annoying. I work in an office setting so during work hours I have a black compression socks I wear that go up to the knee. They do okay but sometimes they seem to tight for my thighs and hurt. But during the summer when I wear shorts I'm not going to wear something like that. I decided to try these knowing there's no support for my thighs.

These things are amazing for my ankles. They get rid of the pain and tingling in both my ankles and feet. Highly recommend them. I'm buying a bunch more and leaving them sealed just in case the company goes out of business or quits making them.
I just ordered more of these great socks in all black for work... I wear an 8.5M womens shoe size and the s/m fit great! I like the thin feel but also high knit quality. They dont slide around at the heel. They stay perfectly snug & hug my feet. I am happy with my purchase.
Daughter loves her watch..great for learning time.
Haven't purchased these in years, since my husband stopped working in construction and retired. He's usually cold, so bought them for sleeping with his flannel pj pants. Very soft, no label, wash nicely, but I have always purchased them a size larger than needed, and it works well still. He loves them, and I do find them a little thinner than years ago, but perfect for under a shirt or sleeping.
size wrong too small
It is a little to small, but it is good.
A little disappointed because the hour and minute hands are so small it will be difficult to actually use this as the time teaching watch it us advertised to be the words "hour" and "minute" are so small they are hardly even legible. Also the fastener will be a bit challengin for a small child to accomplish w/o assistance.
Nicely made
I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Not only does this shirt work perfectly, it's very light and feels comfortable. The material is easy on the skin, which is a huge plus since my skin is sensitive, and it allows for air to circulate. I can feel a breeze almost as if I wasn't wearing it at all. I tested it outside for a good 5 hours in the sun and I didn't even come close to a sunburn. This would be perfect for anyone who gets sunburned easily or hates sunscreen.
These are exactly what I was looking for! Super lightweight yet seem as thought they are sturdy enough to last a long time. No fading with wear which to me is HUGE! Would 100% purchase from this seller again!!!
This belt came exactly as pictured. The fit was perfect, make sure you order your belt size and not your waist size. Your belt size will be about 2 inches more than your waist size. A 32" belt is 32" long, putting the first hole at 30", so if you have a 32" waist you will need to go up to 34" or higher. The leather color is a nice natural matte with some red hue. Been using it for work and there hasn't been much wear so far.
They fit nicely and last a while
Quality and stylish.
I am happy with the purchase.
Fit was a little larger than expected but comfortable.
Runs small. Do not use dryer go a size or two up
LIKE.... Casinos and Performing Arts.
I used it for a quick weekend trip. Not too big that it got in the way. Not too small, it held everything I needed. The strap was long enough to put over my shoulder (Im 52). I will get a lot of use out of it and will definitely buy again.
Excellent quality and price. Material is soft and cozy. Highly recommend.