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Great belt
The ring is very comfortable and the message is beautiful to wear daily.
I'm 5"10..200 lbs fits great..V isnt too high or low..soft and comfy!
Love this bag!
I've never bought a pair of these that didn't fit exactly as I like. These were just as I expected.
Let out too much lint, black color running onto my feet
these hats r awesome, fit perfectly!!!
very pretty BUT clip not straight...does not hold well. Already dropped one on the floor and would of lost it if not for someone finding and asking if it was mine !
The sea turtles are lovely; carved wood and probably suitable for many different ages. I gave them to
my granddaughter as part of a graduation gift. She had recently returned from Australia and I thought
the turtles reminded me of that.
My husband loves them.
Better than expected after reading previous reviews! Very happy! Will definitely order again! I made my own design with my cricut so it's perfect for fellow crafters! Great plain as well!
As always, Gildan makes good quality shirts.
Perfect size wallet
Fit perfect !!!
My daughter ordered this purse. It's very cute, and appears to be well constructed.
The shirt is very well made and comes in a heap of colors. My one problem is that the vents on the back are massive and look tremendously goofy. They do keep you cool, no doubt, but it's not really a great look. I wish they were a bit more subtle.
I like the pants they are light weight ,roomy, i am a 33 waist and these fit perfectly.
Looks good, made well,good for casual or work. Looks like it will last.
Matches a cuff bracelet I got for Christmas! Beautiful!
Wearing it about every day and as someone that does aloof of walking and wears his belts fairly tight. I also have stepped on it a few times. I got a good solid year of use out of this belt and will be buying another.
Love these glasses, Im a UPS driver and these help a lot at sundown. I put them on when it starts to get dark and they make it feel like its an hour and a half earlier. These make oncoming headlights a softer yellow tone which is much easier on the eyes than the bright blue and white headlights on newer cars.

The owner sent a letter after I purchased asking how I liked them and provided his phone number if I had any issues, which I didnt.
Thank you David
These are great socks! They are well made and are the only brand my son and boyfriend will wear! You can't beat the quality for the price.
Great shirts - very comfortable. They retain their color and shape after washing. I like to wear these on weekends with a jeans and a pair of sneakers or loafers
This belt looks great - both the leather strap and the buckle. It's COMPLETELY adjustable by cutting the strap and then by using the clicking ratchets for day-to-day variations. It looks professional.

For those who complain about the instructions for cutting to length, here's a simple solution. Assemble it, uncut. Put it on, uncut. The end of the strap will extend past the buckle on the left side of your waist. Measure HOW MUCH LONGER IT IS THAN YOU WANT IT in its extension. Take it off, detach the belt from the buckle, and cut off exactly that much from the flat end. If in doubt, cut off 1" less. Reassemble. It's that easy.

Why would anyone pay $35 or $60 or $90 for any other belt, when this looks great and you KNOW it will fit!

It will wear better (last longer) than most belts because you use the ratchet mechanism that touches the belt only on the back side, and you don't pull it back to the right when you're fastening it like most hasp buckle belts (which is where my belts tend to wear out).
Love the leather quality it's Slender and sleek and new but still gives me the old wallet feeling but not completely happy with the ability to hold cards can get a little bulky
Fine. Have not used them for night yet..
Overall its very nice! Doesnt block the sun too much but thats like any other sun glasses
The white hat was fitting a little smaller
This bag Is gorgeous in person
Thanks exactly the right fit