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Great belt, except that when they designed the tab, they folded over the material instead of cutting it- so it's awkwardly thick and takes a long time to thread into your belt loops.
I love them! They were exactly what I wanted for the price I paid for them. They held up nice at the beach and remained clean considering I was sweating and had sun block on.
I've only wore the socks a couple of times, but they seem to be OK. I wear a size 8 shoe and find the S/M just a bit too big. Can't imagine how big they are on a person that wears size 6. I think they need to rethink the sizing. Otherwise, glad I purchased them.
When washed and dried.... Shrunk a little.
My son has these in Navy
they are cut way too small
The problem is that this item fits perfectly but the tailoring is crooked.
Just received today and my husband already wants me to order him another one. He says it fits great.
should have bought this first. Great product and it doesn't get caught on anything while you're working.
The background looked cream but was really yellow. The outside was material. Just not what I was looking for.
It is hard to open, but once i figured out to pull up where the hinge is it is not hard at all.
Great quality
Too big
Well built and easy to buckle.
All it takes is a few washes and they become soft and perfect.
Las compre para mi novio y le encant, son muy cmodas, el problema fue que son muy grandes pero se pueden acomodar. Lo recomiendo para que puedan obsequiarle ya que la presentacin es muy agradable
Product does what it says its going to do. Battery life may be a bit shorter than what I read, but not that big a deal.
When you put these socks on they are so thin that you can see through them. There is no cushion on the heel or toe. Worthless!! Gave them to good will.
I luv this purse. The material is so soft and flexible. The only thing is the smell is Very strong from the material.
Holds my pants up. Seems durable so far. They give you an extra buckle which is nice. Great for airport travel as you don't have to take your belt off because there is no metal on it which means you won't have to be embarrassed when your pants fall down in the scanner maching while your hands are in the air.
Very comfortable, doesn't bunch like some of the others.
I bought this belt for a wedding and it worked great! I didn't feel too constricted and was able to adjust if needed! My brother happened to have the same belt but in a different color. Looks nice and fashionable and also works great too! Great product!
Washed before using and many had loose strings. A little stiffer than the handkerchiefs my dad has had for last 50 years.
Bought a large because I read that it could shrink a full size. When it arrived I found out that large is actually King Kong size and would only fit the biggest NFL linemen. Normal people should start with medium, and try to shrink down for women with a lot of hair.
Excellent product!