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The look of these glasses is the best of all those I've seen on Amazon. I wouldn't use any others, because most of the others look kind of dumb. These get the job done and look slick.
Lightweight, comfortable glasses that are the perfect tint for sunny day driving!
I love my new wallet. I had a smaller version of this and it was just to small. this one holds all my cards bills and checkbook. It was just what I wanted. I don't like to carry a purse and now I don't have too. I can even put my glasses in it. Love it, love it, love it!
This is so unnoticeable in my front pocket that a couple times in the first week of carrying it I panicked because I thought I forgot my wallet.

Description says the RFID blocker allows frequencies for security cards. This does not seem to be the case with my office's security card, and I have to take the card out to pass the reader.
Awful! Not worth even one star.
Purchased as a gift for my God daughter. They are pretty but I think they would be too heavy for her ears
As described
Very thin, easy to slide in/out of pockets.

There is a huge design flaw with the secondary ("secure") bill storage pocket. Like a purse, the whole thing is made of a sort of U shape of fabric. That in and of itself isn't a problem, but it does not work for a pocket designed to hold fragile bills. In order for their to be enough fabric when closed, there is too much when open. Any time you open the wallet, a huge crease forms in the fabric that even raises the bottom. Any bill that is stored in the pocket will quickly have its bottom edge mangled due to resting on a curved edge that constantly shifts every time you open it.

I can't leave bills in there, and even though I like to always have a few 100s in my wallet, I can't use half the bill storage.
I havent even had my purse 2 weeks and its already starting to peal on the corners. Not happy at all!
just what i needed.. perfect size and feel
The bracelet is so cute. It was a gift for my daughter as a secret motivation. She loves it. Packaged nicely. I will buy more.
Great quality great fit. He hates when they dont stay tucked in. These do. There perfect.
There is no tech pocket on these particular Wrangler cargo shorts, for cell phone carrying ease.
My husband works outside every day. This hat provides shade all over head and neck. Drawstring keeps it snug on his head.
Exactly as expected
Im obsessed. The lining inside is so pretty, the purse is absolutely gorgeous. I get compliments every time I use it. Its also the absolute perfect size
it is perfect, thank to whoever made it. This compression shirt has not lost its elasticity since I bought it. Its worth buying it, you will never be sorry I promise.
The good part is that this shirt has the full ability to make your body looks fantastic. And I just ordered another one.

Last note, Buy size smaller than what you wear. For me I usually wear medium shirts and for this compression shirt I bought small size and its just perfect.
Comfortable. Durable. Perfect. Exactly what I'd hoped for.
It's not a fancy jewelry piece but it looks fine
If you want real gold you gotta pay more
I think these LUENX sunglasses are the best buy on the market. They're beautiful, with solid hinges and construction. The polarization is excellent, and the external mirror coloring is fantastic. Be aware that some colored lenses change the color of the incoming light; for example, the rose tint lenses will turn everything a shade of blue.

It's worth noting that even the most expensive designer brand sunglasses have "CHINA" written on the inside of the frames. I have no doubt that these LUENX glasses roll off the same assembly line as premium designer glasses. If you want great glasses at a killer price, buy these.
Great craftsmanship and design. Well made but in the bigger side
Second time buying it! Love the quality and for the price the bag lasts very long. I mainly use it for school and work.
always liked Levi's fit and how long they will last at work
Love this new purse. Leather is bright and high quality. All the gold embellishments were covered and packaged very nicely to prevent damage during shipping. A decent amount of space - I hold my wallet, makeup, two bags of random stuff, and wet wipes in this purse.
Veey nice bag for the price.
They look super cute.
Very comfortable and seem to be holdi g up well to repeated washings.