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The weight of the shirt
Love the fit and the price is right.
Love this!!! I also got soo many compliments on it!
My husband loves his new Momey Clip. Was nervous the magnets would demagnetize his ccs but no. Great product
My third pair, really comfortable.
Perfect! Husband instantly loved it and uses it every days. Has held up great!
These are great glasses, nice case too.
I currently wear an extra large tshirt. After I washed the shirts (in cold water) I could not get them on. One of the worst products I have ever purchased at Amazon. Save your money.
I love the feel and look. The flex waistband is outstanding. I will probably only buy this type of jeans from now on.
Its ICONIC.... whats else is there to say!!
This was bought for Saint Nicolas day, Dec. 6th and my daughter said there is already something coming apart. It is a nice design. Another daighter has a red/blue one and that is fine.
I love these. I use them as work socks because my shoes have no ventilation and I wear them for 10 hours straight. They work really well. My feet don't get smelly and the socks don't get smelly even if I wear them all day at work. These are easily my favorite athletic socks, very well made. Much better than the women's version!

I wear a size 9 in women's shoes (7 in mens) and they fit just fine, maybe a little big, in that you can tell they're supposed to stretch some, but mine don't stretch at all. But they fit just fine without stretching. I wouldn't recommend getting these socks if your feet are any smaller than mine though.
Very nice bag, good quality, lots of room and pockets for organizing.
Perfect fit and feel like they will last a while
The length shrunk from a 32 to a 30 after one wash in cold.
Those of us with a penchant for knee socks can't help but value these socks. And TEN pairs!
Good price
This is a great product. I love the adjustable strap on the back!
Just what my fianc wanted. He wanted something small and lightweight. That he could carry on him at work(hes a chef) and when he sat down not be annoying in his back pocket!!!
I use these shirts for hiking because I need something that wicks moisture. These perform well. They are very soft and the bright colors are good for standing out on the trail. I've bought 3 different colors.
Spot on for size. True low cut. Decent thickness. Would buy again.
I liked the feel of the material and the fact it maintained it's size after washing. I do recommend washing this color by itself the first time because it did release some dye.
Loved that it fits in the palm of your hand and is sturdy enough for cards.
Amazing product. Real metal, durable plastics. Great hinges. Metallic finish doesn't wear or fade. Holds up to grease, sweat, sunscreen, water etc.

Have ordered more since my initial purchase and just as pleased!
These might be the best socks I have ever worn.
My bag was delivered missing the purse strap, I filed a complaint to try and get one, was waiting to hear back, and now have not heard back and can no longer return it. Very disappointed since it is supposed to be a purse AND backpack combo which would require both straps.
Also, beware that the back zipper does not unzip all the way around (only about 2/3 the way) , which can make it difficult to get some stuff in and out of the backpack.
I'm a big/tall girl and these are perfect for me. Womens shorts are too short.
No problems.
Good light weight under shirts...