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Very flimsy
I am a petite 110lbs female and it fits me well!
I was expecting a bit darker and bigger lenses but anyway the fit is good and they seem to be good. Cannot give them 5 stars since I have used them just a couple of days.
Seriously folks; they are white boxer briefs and from the dancing fruit guys. They hold up well and make the boys happy; what else is there?
Fits just right
A very nice dress shirt that has become one of my current favourites. It's comfy and smart.
Great earrings, my daughter loves them
Now hubby wants one.
great socks
Good value for price.
These were my second pair. They're lightweight and very durable. Also, they're cheap enough that even if you lose them no harm. Get another one.
Great idea. Way better than those hard cardboard ones. These will last forever too.
Great pair of glasses for the price. Polarization is A-one!!
Purchased these sunglasses after my son and a friend from work purchased Costa's and told me how great they were. I went to several local stores and tried on the various styles available and finally decided on these. Wasn't sure about the lenses and after doing some research I chose these because of the amount of time I spend out on the water fishing both fresh and salt water. Once they arrived I wasn't disappointed one bit. They were very lightweight and fit my head/face perfectly. The lenses were very effective in cutting the sun's strong UV rays and were better than any other sunglasses that I have owned and were especially effective while on the water. I would highly recommend these sunglasses to anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors or fishing.
100% excellent
This item was NOT DELIVERED- never mind I found the wallet!
Love this crossbody purse. I get so many compliments. Perfect for every day life.
Wallet was great shipped fast and was quality material. Ex military and adventurer I highly recommend this product
my husband has been wearing it as a ltop ayer like everyday during sunny days. he loves everything about it.
Is there a less than zero stars rating?

I own a size 38 of this belt that I bought last February. I absolutely love it. It looks great and is very nicely made. I decided I wanted a size 40 of the same belt to have a bit longer of a belt. The "40" I received today is a good 6" shorter than the 38 I already own and is very obviously made much cheaper. Not anywhere as nice as the first one I ordered. I've ordered a couple different Hide and Drink products before this have been extremely happy with them...up until this latest belt. I've already started the return process. I'm seriously disappointed.
Husband likes them ok, but the thighs are a little bit small, causing them to ride up a bit...and my husband is an average sized man....
Very Happy with quality.
I love that these are polarized, I do not love that you are able to see my eyes behind the lenses
well made and warm
did rip first day wore them
Perfect fit, easy to get on and off, has button on bottom so easy to change diapers/little swimmers at the pool. Worth every penny I spent on it.
I love Fossil but this is the best bag of theirs I have owned. It's the right size and is easy to pack when I travel for work. It's good for the office and after hours. I like the length and the materials, especially the gold details. The straps are also very comfortable and easy to change. Love, love, love.
So much room and a great cell phone pocket outside the bag.
The color will go with everything and it is lightweight. Love mine.
Nice hat for the price!