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This belt is great for air travelers as it's all plastic and lightweight. You can make it through any airport or secure venue without setting of a metal detector like metal belts and slow you down with unnecessary searches/pat downs. I'm using the diamond weave belt that is a bit stiffer, while the other standard weave webbing is a bit more supple. The buckle is so easy to use than a traditional buckle belt with the holes that stretch and don't line up. With this belt you just slide the webbing through until your pants/shorts hold up and push the buckle down to secure. After a big meal, you can loosen it up for a bit more comfort. The plastic buckle is pretty strong, though not very thick. Over time they must wear out or break. Otherwise why would the seller be so gracious to go through the expense of including 2 free ones, as a gift, if they are intended to last. It's cheap insurance in my opinion. There is a stretch nylon loop retainer to hold the last few inches of the nylon webbing if the extra length flops around. Or what I did was
trim off 3 inches. I also cut the other end so there is a tapered edge so the belt can effortlessly and smoothly slip into the buckle smoothly. Don't know why the manufacturer did do that to begin with. When you do cut the nylon, you do need an open flame or concentrated heat source to seal the edges to prevent fraying. These belts look sharp with any attire, from casual to formal. Not overly slim or wide. Very fashionable and TACTICOOL!
Good looking hat, appears quite well made, soaking it in water helps keep you cool on hot days.
It was better than I thought it would be, soft. Thank you!!!
It fits a little large at first, but once I washed and dried it, it shrunk quite a bit so it helped with the fit. Otherwise its a nicely made shirt that should last you a long while!
My wife "loves" it
I use scrub pants for wearing around the house, in my woodworking shop, and while on driving trips. I only had one pair, and they are pushing 20 years old and have holes, rust stains, and all kinds of wear, so I decided to get this pair to replace them. When they arrived, they fit exactly as the chart on the Amazon listing showed. They were VERY long, so I had to ask my wife to hem them to the right length, but once that was done, they fit very well, are extremely comfortable, and have pockets everywhere I would want them - except one place. I wear my wallet in my left rear pocket, and these scrub pants only have a right rear pocket. Fortunately, for my purposes, I only have a wallet when I'm on a long driving trip, so I can put up with it being in the wrong place in exchange for the comfort and coolness of the pants. So, I ordered two more pairs, and assuming I can get my wife to hem them, I'll be set for at least another 20 years.
Great kid glasses that are polarized for fishing
They are a decent under garment. They fit nicely and breath definitely going to buy more in the future
Good product for a first jockstrap. I think the product does its job well, but I have to agree with other reviewers when they say there's a tiny bit of discomfort in the area where the front meets the back (by no means is this painful).
DAID CXL 11-22?sixe on packaging lied there were way to small ended up by n the trash to much trouble shipping back n forth
These white Ts are perfect if your looking for that simple fashion look
Hat fits great
very lovely, perfect for my 4 year old wannabe ballerina granddaughter.
My daughter finally uses a pocketbook its the perfect size
Packaging is cool. Interchangeable lenses are a great feature (and not hard to change). Price is GREAT (for polarized glasses)... Only one problem. Though the black lens has a little sticker that says polarized, it actually isn't polarized. So these are just a pair of regular sunglasses with changeable lenses.
Beautiful silver lightweight earrings
Get the boxer briefs instead..... I have worn boxers for years and gave these a chance but was disappointed by the fit of the boxers. I tried the boxer briefs and they feel like a dream. Plenty of support, no "swamp crotch," and a nice smooth fabric that dries quickly.
Good high quality shirt at a reasonable price. Fits somewhat large.
I buy these hats all of the time. Great hat for a great price
Bought these for my husband, he says they are his new favorite. Has only worn them for lounging, but look decent to go out to the grocery store in. Originally got an L but ended up being too small on the waist, so got an XL. He is 200 lb and 5' 10". Ended up buying a second pair.
My wife gifted this to me for valentines day and i love it. It's compact and sleek.
exactly what i was looking for
Hear were great for working outdoors in the hot summer, used them as an undershirt for polyester Cintas work shirts, these are very lightweight and a fantastic liner.
Wash and wear well
Fits well over my glasses but the lenses feel like they may pop out easy
Super stretchy.
Fit perfectly, girlfriend loves it
always great perfect fitétrique