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These socks are tight around the foot but not uncomfortable though tight on the legs. I was suprised that these socks are over the calf (size 10.5-boot, 5ft8in tall). The band at the top of the sock is wide which helps, but after wearing them a full day of 14-18 hours the band makes your leg feel almost bruised because it is so tight; a chicken leg person may be ok. I end up folding them down now. These socks are not overly hot for warm weather, work well with pull on work boots and DO stay where they are supposed to! Will probably buy more before too long, even though they are expensive.
Color of actual leather is duller than picture appears.
Extremely small
I absolutely love the.! For the price it cost you can't beat it! I also am very hard on my glasses and these take a beating. I will never buy expensive glasses again!
The pictures show sides of briefs longer than they are.
Excellent product and the Sellers communications were fast and thorough. Would definitely purchase again.
Amazing, Im glad I bought them!
Looks and fits great
Fun and cute purse. It is smaller than I though it was and would have liked it to be deeper but still like the purse.
Nice fit, i enjoy them alot better than most ive tried
Good socks. Thick but not to thick
Multiple of these socks had holes in them after ONCE through the washing machine, before they were even worn. Waste of money.
Good cap.. I only wish it was a bit larger.. I feel like im wearing a kids hat honestly...
Quality is good so far.. Had no issues besides small size
Look great my niece will love them.
Komal ,I am so delighted with this purse,its perfect exactly what i was hoping it would be.The color,the leather,the design.I know i will be in love with it for a good long time. I would highly recommend it,Oh and there is no odor ,and i loved the dust bag it came in,and the lovely thank you note.
Sincerely Elaine Jacobsen
My 11 year old called the back pack/purse elegant!
This sunglasses are great for the price. They are sturdy and feel good on your face. Much better than I expected for being as inexpensive as it is.
I got this a few days ago and it is very well made. I like the design a lot and it's very true to the picture. Was very impressed with the quality and the packaging was very cute.
My son loved it!!!! Good quality!!
Just as good as the Nike brand DryFit!
This is NOT heavyweight fleece, nor is it particularly "plush". It is a good quality hoodie, but I'm going to need to get something else to layer up with against the autumn chill. This feels more like something to use on a cool May day. I'm unhappy about the misleading description. It's unfair to the customer and also unfair to the product itself - again it's good quality, it's just not heavyweight or plush.
Great product, did not know image was on front and back
Great product - Great service
Theyre even cuter in person... also good quality. This was an impulse purchase. I love rainbows and plants and tea and I think amazon picked up on that and suggested I buy this. I do not regret it :)
Bought this for my girlfriend, she absolutely loves it!!! Made well, perfect size and all around looks great!!!!
Adorable. Always get tons of compliments on these. Bought a pair for my 17 yr old neice too.
Got this wallet for my brother. He had what seemed like a gazillion cards and therefore broke down his last wallet. This wallet, while it has storage for coins, it mostly is helpfulfrom what I can seefor cards and bills. He could fit a large amount of cards easily, and they're easy to put in and pull out. The wallet also has a slimmer profile even when fully "stuffed." Good quality of the materials and packaging.
I really like the size of this purse, not too small and not too big. Seems like it's made a bit backwards, zippers open right to left instead of left to right, I'm sure I'll get used to it. The leather is so soft almost too soft, it sides all over my vehicle, so I'm chasing it. All and all its a real nice bag. I guess I'm not used to it yet. Lol