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great look, great buy, great price and so many pockets to hide/to carry stuff
Es autntica
I have a Tropic 504 Ventair in the Large size that fits perfect. But for whatever reason, this Large size Tropic 504 is too large. It'll still work, but just not as perfect as my Ventair.
It is exactly what I paid for. Perfect size. Adjustable strap.
I am an outdoor short-footed explorer. I really like this product. He can help me block the sun. Can be used as a face towel
Great product that provides comfort, and style
Knock offs buyer not buy!! Cheap plastic!!
I love this bag. It's big enough to hold my 17" laptop (though it takes some finagling to get in) and all my other work gear. I even kept a 1.5" binder in it for a while with quite a lot of room to spare. The adjustable handles have been a godsend. It has a big zippered pocket in the middle which divides the inside into two distinct pockets, which is handy, and has another smaller zippered pocket on the upper lining for small things like tampons or pens that you don't want floating around in the big pocket.
The outside is a nice thick canvas, pretty heavy-duty but not enough to feel military grade. I carried it around with me for almost a year every single day, wherever I went, and it's still in fantastic condition, so it's definitely well made. Perfect for busy professionals or just as a weekender bag.
Nice fit and feel
Look just as pictured. Beautiful navy blue. Will work perfect for groomsmen. Some people said they were short, they ate the same length as most times. No complaints.
I love these. I will buy them again.
Very strange cut, these pants. Regular, unassuming waist and hips, then loose bum and SQUEEZY TIGHT legs all the way down to an ankle cuff above the ankle. NOT flattering.
Very decent for the price.
These socks are listed as crew, but they are way way too long. Look at the photo. I cant decide if Im going to keep them or send them back. I buy crew socks specifically because they are shorter than tube socks and these just arent really it. They do feel cushioned but honestly not really more than anything else.
Awesome glasses. I lost a pair of ($200+) Oakley Radarlock glasses that I have been using for road biking for years. I bought these when they were promoted on Amazon, and frankly they are just as good if not better than the Oakleys for 1/10th the price. Finally someone is able to stick it to the Luxotica monopoly. I have already bought 2 other pairs of Torege glasses since, and am equally pleased with those. So far I am a very happy camper.
I love this cap stylish attractive
Doesnt fit as expected. Nothing like it was advertised to be; just a piece of fabric with holes punch into it and Velcro added to the ends.
I like them
I am very happy with the lens! The lenses are not set too close to my face so my eyelashes would not touch the lens.
Love this bag!
The only tanks I buy they fit well and wash and dry well
Ordered these in pink and they are NOTHING like the photo. Quality is great, but the lens color is completely different than whats pictured. The pink ones are a hot pink lens in real life. Super bummed!
Real cheap which means its real cheap. Every one of my shirts lost its stitching on the sleeve and waist hems. So on the bottom of all my shirts, half of it is long and weird looking, while the other half looks normal. If youre super gentle with it or are in need of disposable black shirts, these are good.
ATTENTION: if you plan to wear these with Vans, Plimsols, or boat shoes they show BIG time!! Returning.
i wont know if this wallet gets a final 3,4, or 5 stars until i see how it holds up through time, but initial impressions are good and it looks promising. Seems to be better than average for a $10 wallet.
These socks are thin. If possible I prefer much thicker more cushioning socks. However, I also have caveman's feet. They are really wide with a high instep. I have several pairs of shoes that are comfortable while wearing these socks and miserable wearing thicker socks.

I also weigh 220 lbs and am active. I tend to blow out the heal bottoms of socks quickly. So far I cannot even discern wear in the heals. Seem durable.
Well-made & perfectly meets my needs.