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These are awesome! I work outside and wear them daily. I got lots of compliments on them, and the price is right!
good quality.....but the top sleeve is very big...
Looks like it will hold SOLID on the end. Tested its pull. Hold pretty good. Must be the fairly narrow end that is standard on most eyeglasses. Mine measures roughly a 1/4".

Wish they would tell you the size it is for and the limits. Instead I gotta do it!

I found out it does not last too long. The rubber grips stretch after awhile and stay stretched and will keep poppingoff. Just the other day one of the holders popped out of the cord. It's just glued in.
Comfortable! Great value!
I ordered this as a gift for my sister, I'm sure she will like it. It is a very nice handbag, lightweight, with lots of pockets!
Good quality for the price.
One of them in the pack was defective and didn't know until many weeks after I bought it. I wasn't going to return just one since I wore most of the others already.
Very happy with my purchase of this product. I wear it everyday.
I wasn't sure what to expect of this belt since I've never tried the ratcheting style, but it is incredibly easy to put on and take off. The hardest part is trimming the belt to length, and that was easy. The belt comes packaged very well; the leather is protected in a clear plastic sheath, and the metal buckle is secured in a thick, clear plastic shell also. It is also in a thin cloth drawstring bag in a black box. Trimming the belt consists of gently prying up a metal flap, which has several spikes on it that grab the trimmed end of the belt. Once you trim it to length (more than once if needed, a little at a time) you just insert the trimmed end back into the appropriate side of the buckle and fold the metal flap back down. Taking it off is also easy, and even easier if you put the belt on with the release lever facing up, and pull on the free end of the belt to take some of the tension off before engaging the lever. Overall, it works and looks great, I hope it lasts a long time.
I tried on a pair right out of the package and they fit perfect. After one wash, they were a bit small. The material is extremely soft and very comfortable, but they seem to be coming apart in the crotch. I've only worn them three times and every time I wear them they develop little balls of material in the underwear and the crotch of the underwear is visibly getting thinner. For that price, they won't last long at all.
Bought for my grandpa to replace his old one, he thinks its great
Waistbands curling after one wash and dry cycle.
Loved the bag, good quality but smaller than I expected
Outstanding purse i get compliments all the time the hardware on the straps are amazing i will probably get the red one next
The glasses fit well and are sturdy. Im very pleased, and would definitely order again.
This is a great looking hat
Quality control sux. I love taking a brand new shirt I just took out of the dryer, never worn and the sleeve is coming off
Met expectations.
Great while they lasted, but after about 6 months they loosened up so much they were ineffective and I had to or a new pair.
Great cap!
comfortable and great on hot days
A very comfortable sweater. I couldve definitely worn a medium, but getting a size up made it very comfortable and fashionable.
It was nice but a little too small I bought it for my daughter's father for his birthday so I returned it
Fit perfectly on me 236 lbs and looks great
It was a Christmas gift for a friend very small very nice very cute and she loved it
Purchased these for my husband. He says they are soft and comfortable to wear. Thank you.
Best boxer briefs I've ever used. Bought them at Costco 5 years ago, never looked back. They do start to fray after a couple years, but it's underwear, so what do you expect?
Not really what I was expecting. Difficult to put in & bent them in the process. They get caught in my hair & clothing.
Well made canvas with inner pockets for cell phone and room for my water bottle.
I bought these to keep in my car as a spare set for when I forget my "good sunglasses". They look almost exactly like my Ray Ban Wayfarers. They do feel a little cheaper, but they were not super expensive. They seem pretty durable, and they look great!

***Edit** The arms on these are super squeaky.. I didn't really notice it at first, and then I just thought it was stop once they were "worn in", but it continues. I am not going to change my start rating because it doesn't really affect the usability or appearance of the glasses, but it is a little off putting.