The material is very soft and comfortable, and the workmanship is good. I would recommend spending the extra money for the quality you get.
Bought these because they were on the cheaper side... Didn't keep them for long. The material is stiffer and rougher than other brands I've tried, and I found the arm cuts to be pretty uncomfortable & the sleeves to constantly ride up.
I just did not feel it was worth the price., in my opinion way overpriced,
Very nice hat
looking at the picture I thought it was going to have more room than it did.
Really liked the shorts but they arrived with no tags and were dirty and stained. They were obviously returned previously and therefore were not "New" as advertised.
This purse is very nice. It has a lot of pockets and compartments. Really think I'm going to enjoy having it. The only issue I've had so far is that one of the flowers fell off a zipper, but that's an easy fix. Would order again.
This cap was supposed to be SATIN LINED. IT'S NOT! It is POLYESTER which I am allergic to!! I put it on and immediately started itching!! I looked at the tag inside and found the culprit!! I'm completely dissatisfied! Ugh! Don't waist your money!
Finally an earring that looks great for the second hole in my lobe!! They look great!!
This wallet opens and closes with a crisp snap, has plenty of room for debit/credit cards, store cards, and business cards. The leather smells wonderful out of the box, and I use Blick's leather conditioner on it to maintain it.

What could be are the corners. They were already worn to an ashy gray color, after 3 weeks of using the wallet. To be fair though, I do put my wallet in the back pocket of my jeans. I believe these were meant for the inside jacket pocket, where the wear and tear would be far less.

I do recommend using the leather conditioner on the wallet at least once a month.
Cant beat Wrangler jeans for work jeans.
I doubt this is a genuine Nike product. I wear a size 9 shoe (small and thin feet) and the socks are tight enough that I can barely wear them comfortably. The material feels really cheap too, and I grew up in a relatively poor family with cheap clothes for most of my life.

I've had them for about 2 months and wear each pair probably once every two weeks, and they're already developing holes on the bottom. I also have tons of the lint from the interior all over my feet each time I take them off at the end of the day.

The only positive thing is that my feet do stay nice and dry when I wear them.
Love love love these socks!
Good quality product..
They fit great without a lot of extra bulk, yet still give support and do the good very very happy
Me gust el tamao
From the shoulders down, hubby found these comfy. But the neckhole is too small. It felt "chokey." I wanted to order him a few colors if it fit right, since he loves the Hanes hoodies (he's always cold), but the small neckhole makes this a no-go, since he likes these for lounging around the house and for sleeping on cooler nights. Hanes: open up the neck more. :D
These T-shirts are so soft!
Long arms/baggy in the arms. Sweatshirt is somehow fitted but baggy? really like it and probably could have gone up a size. For female 110lbs 5'4 ordered a small.
I had to order one size up, but after I did that they fit nicely and are comfortable. The inseam area does seem to be pilling some after not a lot of wear which is a little concerning.

The blue is darker than the picture would lead you to believe. It is just slightly lighter than the Navy and more a dark slate blue.
I love this wallet. Very good quality and beautiful. Lots of compliments.
Absolutely beautiful shines so pretty.
Exactly as expected
I wear these at work (retail) and they do pretty well. After about 6-8 months I have to buy a new pair, but for the price I think it's not bad.
I work in a freezer currently and thought this would be a great product to try out my only issue is when I took off the mask the kind of disoriented me a little bit the holes for the eyes block your parental vision
Choker looks exactly as pictured and super comfortable to wear. Adjustable and sturdy.
Wife got these for me as a present. At 1st I was kind of upset and like why did you spend that much money for sunglasses for me. She stated she liked how the looked on me and wanted me to have the best sunglasses. She wasnt kidding, these are HANDS DOWN the best looking & quality sunglasses. These are the cream of the crop of sunglasses when it comes to exquisiteness, quality, and vision quality overall. I will always splurge for Maui Jim only since I received mine. You cant tell me nothing with my Mavericks on, lol, seriously.
Feet sweat like crazy In these socks. Dont buy if you have warm feet.