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I cannot fathom why this underwear has such good reviews. The fabric is rough and uncomfortable. They dont stretch very much. There is no contour for your balls so they just get smashed together. Im literally going to throw away this whole pack rather than wear them. The worst underwear Ive ever worn.
They fit well, would be better if they where not so thin. If you're looking for a thick ankle sock, this is not it.
This was a gift for my wife. Her response when putting them on for the first time was "WOW". I have worn nothing but RayBan for many years. Bought them in "68" when I was in high school. Wouldn't go outside with anything else
Feels like plastic to me. Advertised as soft leather
Great gift
Love it
I love this wallet! So cute and the perfect size, not too big and not too small. Has lots of pockets for cards also!
Exactly as pictured fast shipping
Great price, BUT... seemed smaller compared to store bought packs. Also, there was extra material that needed to be trimmed on the shoulder seems.
The pants I received were fakes with Under Armour tags but a different name on the inside labels and none of the standard Under Armour symbols on the product. They were sized like a womens small instead of a Men's Large Tall. They were not what I ordered at all, someone was trying to rip me off.
Great product
Super comfortable for a run or for sleeping in.
They are tiny shorts. If you're a modest person, don't buy them.
These are really comfortable. I'm used to wearing cotton boxers but have no complaints about these and actually find them to be more comfortable than anything I've used in the past, especially in warmer temps and when I've been sitting all day. I also like that it's easy to find the front opening quickly when standing at a urinal. Some underwear makes it difficult to open with one hand or, as with my cotton boxers, the opening gradually fails to close and it's possible for your penis to end up needing "adjustment".
They sat crooked on my face.
I am a size 36~38 I went with the x-large because of other reviews stating that the sizes ran small, they fit perfectly. The package stated I needed to be in a large. So please keep that in mind when ordering. Get past all the reviews picking apart quality, etc ...they are good underwear for the money they are asking for them.
I feel like the last few years has been a race to the bottom (pun intended) for girls' underwear. When my oldest was younger, Fruit of the Loom was not great, but the newest batches are their thinnest and cheapest ever. It's like they've just given up all production standards and are hoping nobody hits the market with something better.

This specific set is cut small (that's always been true of FotL, so I'm not faulting that), the fabric is ridiculously cheap, the elastic isn't, and the leg openings are inconsistent even within the same pack. On the up side, the colors are vibrant and the price is low. I just wish FotL had a higher end line that wasn't quite so disposable and didn't illicit so many complaints from my girls.
Love it! Easy to store things for school!
It is exactly what i need very helpful..
I love it
These are my guys favorite. fit snugly without sliding down or feeling to restrictive.
Pants are sized accurately and priced well. Fits comfortably and are durable
I bought these as a general bag for work. Its great! Surprisingly really durable. It holds my planner, notebook, pens, etc. probably could hold an iPad but not a computer. I love that the color goes with everything
Are they authentic
The size chart was reasonably close on the waist but the legs are Very wide. Skinny or slim customers: just don't purchased this item
The socks are comfortable and provide some extra support in the arch area of the foot. Overall I am happy with the purchase we will just have to see about the longevity.
It's good, but not a best quality
Decent quality.
Perfect for any kind of glasses
Nice Bag. Much larger than expected. Returned.
Will never wear anything else