return nike custom shoes

Check out some of our design samples for metallic inks, foils, glitters and our other special screen printing inks. These inks can be applied to all types of garments including tank tops, hoodies, t-shirts and other apparel items. With our low minimums of only 6 pieces, these options are great for a few shirts or for thousands. Use these inks on their own or add them in with other standard screen printing inks to make the special effect really pop!

yellow sparkle


Yellow Sparkle on Black Light Green

fuchsia glitter


Fuchsia Glitter

silver foil


Silver Foil

silver shimmer


Silver Shimmer

silver glitter


Chrome Silver Glitter

liquid silver and yellow sparkle


Liquid Silver & Yellow Sparkle

orange glitter


Orange Glitter

Gold Glitter


Gold Glitter

Chrome Silver Glitter


Chrome Silver Glitter

return nike custom shoes


Yellow Sparkle on Black

Red Glitte


Red Glitter

return nike custom shoes

As always, with every standard screen printing order, you receive free custom artwork! If you are unsure how one of these can be used to create a great design for you, have our professional graphic artist team create something. There is nothing more cheap than free! Learn more about our artwork services by visiting our free custom artwork page. If you already have your own design, we can work with that too. With our custom t-shirt printing services, the possibilities are endless.

Holds up very well. Im very tough on it as I work outside. Zero problems with it
I wear these as my sun block. Sometimes I work in brush with thorns, so far they haven't unravelled or anything. Haven't gotten any burns. I like them
Item fits perfectly
My daughter loves it! It helps her remember hour and minute hands in a fun way.
Hat material is hard, was cracked in the creases.
Will buy again if I end up losing it. Great for wind breaker and/or sun protection. Great with hard hats and does not fog up safety glasses.
Love the sweater, fits as expected. It's lightweight and perfect for cooler weather.
Great fit and material
I ordered this bracelet as a gift, to me the color seemed to be a bit off and it was too small. However, I saw the reviews and many of you were saying that this is a great buy soooooo I am going to take a chance and keep it I hope you guys are right. Will give it as a gift.
I enjoy this wallet very much. Holds your cards securely and has 3 other hidden places to slip cards in besides the 3 main card holders and the 1 slot for your license. The magnet clip is very strong and holds a small stack of bills easily. Definitely happy with my purchase. I also purchased it again to give to my father in law after he saw mine. I wouldn't dock this a star because it's the way it is built, more of a heads up, but you need to be careful with the amount of cards you plan on carrying. Because the more cards you put in or carry, the harder it is to pull them out of their slots.
I had purchases a couple of other brands for less money but now use these as my primary blue-light blockers at night. They're cute and super lightweight. Well worth the price.
Cheap! Returned
Plain t shirts...yaaay....they fit nice...feel like a normal t shirt. Hope they dont shrink up in the dryer...
Great fit, and a great price!
This is a beautiful purse. It lays so nicely for a crossbody. It has room for things and doesn't look bulky when you put things in it.
Very happy with this pirchase!
I love everything about this bag! Bought it for NYC and Bethel tours.
Much better and convenient protection than belts etc. comfortable and versatile. Includes RFID protected CC slots.
Works well, suspect the first time it catches on something that will be the end.
I love this bag! I was initially attracted to its simple and classic design, and liked the sizing and capacity of its insides. I needed a new handbag that had enough room to carry more than just my wallet and keys, as well as bring with me onban upcoming trip abroad. This bag has proven to be a fantastic purchase through and through, as its just the right size to carry a number of items without being too bulky, and beautiful enough to feel good about bringing to work. Last but not least, its a fantastic deal as well. The only piece I am not totally sure of is the small leather loop thats supposed to go around the extra shoulder strap that comes out through he buckle, its quite thin and I worry it will not last very long.
Great looking shirts, but just too darn small!
Good price, good quality, love the details.
Exactly what I expected and came on time.
Perfect condition and exactly as described
Bought these for my son, at the same time that I got my daugher in law a pair with zebra wood, and as with her they look so sharp when wearing. The walnut woodgrain is simply beautiful in color, smoothness and woodgrain showing. These great looking sunglasses come with a very nice and quality case. Inside the case were some Woodie's stickers, cleaning cloth with great graphics and on the outside was a rubber wristband saying Woodie's and on the other side was our American flag. The sunglasses are polarized, which is such a plus for sun hitting you in the eyes and the clarity and color it gives our world. The quality of these sunglasses amaze me for the price. They are every bit as good as 100.00 sunglasses, because of the quality. The handles are truly made of wood that is so smooth and shows the woodgrain beautifully, lens are of a plastic that are much better than any others I have ever bought, they are lightweight, look very good on male or female and the hinges are metal and well made. The reason I say well made is my son is a mountain bike rider on the most difficult of trails, these sunglasses have went on many a ride, but one ride was extra tricky and his sunglasses fell off when he landed from a high jump. His back bike tire ran over them and messed up one arm and hinge. He bent the arm back into place and even though the hinge had been sprung, he was able to wear them another two months before the arm broke off completely. As you can see, these are quality and tough sunglasses. I am ordering him another pair of the walnut grain, simply because they look so great on my 27 year old son and can keep up with the mountain bike tricks he does. I so highly recommend these sunglasses. You will love them, look very sharp and all of the little extras they come with. Hope this convinces you to try these American made sunglasses.
I got these sunglasses as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He loves them! They are true Ray-Bans and fit perfectly. I would definitely recommend them!
Exactly what we wanted
Love these glasses. I wear them at night to help with sleep. Works great. I wear it over my glasses too!
Love the texture and feel however I wish they sold a bigger bulk or package of this exact shirt I would buy 20 if it came in on packaging